Report Finds More N.H. Women Seeking Office But Rates Differ By Party And Region

Aug 15, 2018

A new report from the New Hampshire Women's Foundation finds slightly more women are seeking office in the state compared to two years ago. But there are significant differences in the number of women running based on political party and region.

The report found 335 women are running for county, state and federal office in New Hampshire this year, compared to 306 two years ago. In both elections, women accounted for about a third of all candidates. Also holding steady are differences by party: 44 percent of candidates running as Democrats are women, about twice the rate among Republicans.  Sarah Mattson Dustin of the Women's Foundation says regional variations can also be stark.

"In Grafton County, this year women are 49 percent of candidates, so they are within striking distance of gender parity. If you look in Cheshire County this year only 21 percent of candidates are women."

Register of deeds is the office with the highest percentage of female candidates, 81 percent. The office with the lowest is county sheriff. No women are running for that office in any of New Hampshire's 10 counties.