PSNH Hotline Looks To Encourage Electric Car Buyers

Dec 2, 2013

Credit Sam Evans-Brown; Data: Electric Drive Transportation Association / NHPR

Today Public Service of New Hampshire launched its Electric Vehicle Hotline, where consumers can find out about electric cars currently on the market. The move comes as electric car sales have begun to pick up, and utilities see those drivers as a sales opportunity.

According to data from the Electric Drive Transportation Association, an industry group, the number of both pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids sold has jumped up by more than 300 percent over last-year, after having leveled off in the mid-2000s. Public Service of New Hampshire is looking to encourage the electric vehicle sales trend here in New Hampshire by setting up a hotline where residents can ask questions to someone not associated with an individual brand.

In general, utilities are keen on electric cars, because the more there are on the road, the more electricity consumers will need to buy.

The new PSNH hotline will have information on vehicles, charging costs, and where to install a charger, among other topics.

If the pick-up in EV sales in recent years persists it would reverse the previous trend of slow-growth or plateauing sales.
Credit Data: Energy Information Administration / Alternative Fuels Data Center