Outside/In: Storm Chasing, A Pursuit We Love to Hate

Jun 19, 2018

Photo cred: Jennifer Brindley-Ubl

In today's episode, we're talking about getting in too deep and surviving. First, storm chasing burst onto the pop-culture scene in the 90s with the box-office hit Twister. But the hobby is more active today than ever before and more dangerous, too. And then, the business that can helicopter, air-lift and rescue their clients from dangerous adventures and vacations - for the right price. 

Ride or Die

Storm chasing is a pursuit we love to hate in the comments section, but if you look at the TV ratings or YouTube views, it's clear that we can't look away, either. So what motivates chasers to actively put themselves in front of a storm when everyone else is taking shelter? And ultimately, do we owe them an apology?  

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Global Rescue is a business that, should you get yourself into trouble, will drop everything to come and save you, anywhere in the world. They employ former Navy Seals, helicopters, airplanes, and even yaks to get the job done. But this service comes at a price, and when disaster strikes, is it fair that a service that won't save everyone can rush in and pull out those who can afford it?  

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