N.H. to Receive Medicaid Grant for Pregnant Mothers Struggling With Opioids

Dec 19, 2019

Credit Allison Quantz for NHPR

New Hampshire is one of 10 states selected by the Trump administration to receive a Medicaid grant aimed at improving treatment for pregnant mothers suffering from opioid misuse disorder.

The five-year grant, called the maternal opioid misuse model, is designed to fill in gaps in care for pregnant mothers on Medicaid who are struggling with opioid addiction.

The grant will total $5.38 million over five years, with $750,000 distributed in the first year. That federal funding will be put to use in New Hampshire by Elliot Health Systems.

Women who participate in the new model will have access to a comprehensive set of specialists, from maternity care to medication-assisted treatment to mental health treatment.

The program will enter a “pre-implementation period” in January. The new treatment models will begin to be delivered in 2021.