N.H. House Votes to Raise Cap on Net Metering

Mar 10, 2016

The New Hampshire house has backed a measure to lift the cap on a key solar energy program.

Currently, those generating solar power in New Hampshire can be reimbursed for sending excess energy back to the grid, but the cap on that reimbursement program is set at 50 megawatts. The House measure would increase that to 100 megawatts. 

Here's a breakdown on what net-metering is and why it matters.

Earlier this session, the senate backed a similar measure that increased the cap to 75 megawatts, but renewable energy advocates said that wouldn't be enough to stave off job losses in the solar industry in 2016.

Gov. Maggie Hassan urged the Senate to send this bill to her desk – adding that net metering  is crucial to growing clean energy in the state.