N.H. House Rejects Education Savings Accounts, aka The 'Voucher' Bill, One Final Time

May 10, 2018

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

For the third time this year, the New Hampshire House of Representatives has voted against a bill to create education savings accounts. 

The bill that would have allowed for state tax dollars to be spent on private school tuition and homeschooling expenses had already been shot down by the House on two separate occasions. 

But following a last-minute push by Governor Chris Sununu, the bill was amended onto a separate piece of legislation that then passed the Senate.

When that bill came back before the House on Thursday, Republican Representative Rick Ladd pleaded with his colleagues to send the bill to a committee of conference to keep the bill alive.

“We owe it to these students in school that are there now – we can’t kick this can down the road any further and waste time,” said Ladd.

But once again, the idea was rejected by the House, officially ending any hope for the bill to become law this session.