N.H. DOE Report: Science Scores On the Rise, But Some Districts Flagging

Dec 24, 2018

The 2017-2018 N.H. School and District Report Card says English scores have dropped slightly, while science scores have improved.

The test results for New Hampshire schools are in: proficiency in Math and English Language Arts are above the national average in most districts, and science scores are on the rise.

According to the N.H. Department of Education's annual report on student performance in state assessments, 58 percent of students are proficient at English, and 48 percent proficient at math.

Math scores are higher in elementary school, with 54 percent proficiency among 3rd graders, as opposed to 40 percent proficiency among 11th graders.

Science proficiency is at 42 percent, an increase of 7 percent since 2016.

But not all districts hit the mark - in some districts, over 80 percent of students are proficient in both subjects, while in some of the state's poorest districts - including Manchester and Winchester - proficiency level is around 30 percent.

Details on each school's performance are available through a tool from the N.H. DOE called the "iplatform," which is available on its website.