N.H. DES Issues Alert Due to Hot Weather, Air Pollution

Jun 18, 2018

The Air Quality Forecast issued by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. The pollutant of concern for the period: Ozone.
Credit DES

Southeastern New Hampshire is under an air quality alert today as high temperatures continue.

The state says air pollution and ozone concentrations could reach unhealthy levels in Hillsborough and Rockingham counties due to hot, sunny weather, and with winds carrying pollution into the region.

Officials say children and elderly people—and anyone with a respiratory condition—should limit exertion and time spent outdoors

Ozone exposure can cause coughing, shortness of breath and pain when inhaling, even for healthy people.

This is the first air quality alert day for New Hampshire so far this year. The state says conditions should improve tonight as colder temperatures and clouds move in.

The EPA "air quality index" and what the color levels signify.
Credit EPA