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N.H. Democratic Party Chair: Delegate Rules Fair For All Candidates

Mar 10, 2020

Raymond Buckley, chairman of the N.H. Democratic Party.
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Voting in state presidential primaries is well underway nationwide, with six more states voting today. These votes will affect the number of delegates each candidate will receive at party conventions this summer.

Here in New Hampshire, state Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley feels confident that this year’s convention won’t need a second ballot.

“We've never had a second ballot in my lifetime and probably won't this time, either,” he said this morning on NHPR's The Exchange. 

“I’m with Ray on that one,” said Josh Putnam, a political scientist and the author of Frontloading HQ blog

Buckley also discussed claims by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and some of his supporters that the system was “rigged” against him in 2016. The party has since made changes to its delegate process. 

“It is easy when you kind of stand back and look at something that is very complex and say, ‘oh, it's against my person.’ Once you get them to try to explain specifics, that's where they went into trouble,” Buckley said. “ I do not believe that it can be credibly argued that these rules are in any way bent towards one candidate or another.”

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