N.H. Charter Schools Continue to Grow And Attract Debate | New Hampshire Public Radio

N.H. Charter Schools Continue to Grow And Attract Debate

May 21, 2014

The original legislation to allow charters schools in New Hampshire passed way back in 1995, but it would take another ten years before the first of these publically funded independent learning facilities was opened.  Since then charter school have had their ups and downs in the state: many had a hard time getting off the ground, a few had to close their doors, some have been criticized for not being alternative enough from their public school counterparts. There was even a moratorium on new facilities for two years. But there have been many bright spots as well, a large federal grant, a doubling in enrollment and four new schools this fall.  And reflecting this mixed picture: a hand-full of bills in the state legislature - both supporting and challenging charter schools, and the role they play in New Hampshire public education.

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  • Sam Evans-Brown – NHPR’s education reporter
  • Eileen Liponis – executive director for the New Hampshire Public Charter School Association
  • Mel Myler - Democratic Representative from Contoocook. Former executive director of New Hampshire’s National Education Association and cosponsor of several bills this year addressing charter schools in the state. 

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