New York Hiker Found Dead In The White Mountains

Feb 16, 2015

Kate Matrosova - courtesy her Facebook page

    A 32-year-old  woman missing since Sunday in The White Mountains has been found dead...

Kate Matrosova’s body was found near Star Lake between Mount Madison and Mount Adams where she apparently died from exposure, said Lt. Wayne Saunders of New Hampshire Fish and Game.

Late Sunday afternoon Matrosova activated a personal locator beacon, signaling she needed help.

Fish and Game and volunteers from the Mountain Rescue Service and the Androscoggin Valley Search and Rescue searched Sunday in high winds at temperatures of -20F.

However, the conditions were so bad they called off the search until Monday morning.

Monday there was too much blowing snow for a National Guard helicopter to see anything and rescuers had an extraordinarily tough time, said Saunders.

“It was sustained winds of 108 miles per hour and subzero temperatures.”

Saunders said Matrosova was not equipped for the bad weather and was only carrying enough for a day hike.