NASCAR Is Back In New Hampshire; Heavy Traffic To Follow | New Hampshire Public Radio

NASCAR Is Back In New Hampshire; Heavy Traffic To Follow

Jul 15, 2016

Credit Logan Shannon / NHPR

It's NASCAR weekend in New Hampshire, and the state is expecting an influx of race fans over the weekend.

Over 100,000 people and more than 37,000 vehicles will head to New Hampshire International Speedway for Sunday afternoon's New Hampshire 301 stock car race, part of NASCAR's Sprint Cup series.

That means heavy traffic along route 106 as well as Interstates 93 and 393, especially after the event.

To accommodate the traffic the state has, in the past, turned some northbound stretches of I-93 into temporary southbound lanes.

But Bill Boynton of the Department of Transportation says thanks to recent road improvements, that won't be necessary this year.

"We're going to be able to go with three lanes southbound, all on the southbound side, using the southbound shoulder," Boynton says. "That should be more efficient; it should be safer."

One driver that won't come through Loudon this weekend is Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The NASCAR star has withdrawn from the race after experiencing "concussion-like symptoms."