Lawmakers Plan to Revive N.H. House Veterans Caucus

Jun 7, 2017

The New Hampshire House Veterans Caucus is being revived after several years of dormancy.

Republican Rep. Sean Morrison is leading its revival, saying the state needs to take better care of its veterans.

Morrison will serve as chairman of the caucus, which counts more than 100 members, including veterans, their family members, and those concerned about veterans' issues.

Morrison says the caucus will work to educate legislators on veterans' issues and connect veterans with resources available to them.

He says one of the first priorities of the caucus will be to make sure state agencies are following existing law.

For example: "There is one sentence in the law right now from 2014 that says there shall be a veterans hiring preference," says Morrison. "We want to follow up on that. What is your hiring preference for each state agency?"

Republican Al Baldasaro is also a member of the caucus. He says it is non-partisan.

"We come as a team," Baldasaro says. "And that's the way the caucus has always been."

The caucus may not take official positions on bills, but will provide advice for the full House.