Just in Time for the Fourth, a Strawberry Bumper Crop

Jul 3, 2017

Allie Boyer enjoys picking her own strawberries at Rossview Farm in Concord, NH.
Credit Todd Bookman/NHPR

Some late season snow and a string of decent weather in New Hampshire are creating a bumper crop of strawberries in backyards and on farms this year. 

That's got Don Ross, owner of Rossview Farms, recommending no small variety of ways to use them.

“Strawberries on cereal. Strawberries on ice cream. Strawberries on waffles. Strawberries on pancakes. Strawberries in a blender...I like it all.”

Ross says this year's harvest is as plump, red and juicy as he’s ever seen.

“We are having a phenomenal crop. A few stars aligned, a lot of hard work, and some good luck, and we have a great crop right now.”

The weather has been just right for berries. And he gives credit to his bees, too, who do the hard work of pollinating. He says the time is now to hit up your local pick-your-own stand.

“You know, nothing more American than strawberry shortcake and America’s birthday."

Click here for a list of U-pick and other farmstands in New Hampshire.