It's Earned Income Tax Day, Who Knew?

There’s National Pi Day...that’s P-I for the mathematicians.

There’s talk like a Pirate Day....ARRRGH... and then there’s today- January 27th, the IRS’s Earned Income Tax Credit Day.

Who knew?

Usually infomercials sound too good to be true, right?

“The Ginsu 2000 can saw a lead pipe and still slice a tomato like this. The legend is back..” 

You expect this kind of shtick from a company peddling steak knives.

But the IRS?

“Oh the things you would do if you just had some extra money, right? Well, maybe you do have money waiting for you....At the IRS....You’re kidding, right?”

They’re not.

The IRS says every year taxpayers leave billions of on the table.

The Earned Income Tax Credit is for low and moderate wage earners.... like Candy Robarge.

“I just received a bill in from my son’s college that was $8000 dollars and I almost chocked.”

Money’s so tight for the hair salon owner; she and her son constantly unplug everything from the toaster to the T.V., to save on electric.

But thanks to the Earned Income Tax Credit, she’s got enough to pay that bill off.

“It’s a relief for me. I’m going to be able to help my son.”

“But wait, there’s more.”

Not only is Robarge keeping her kid in school.

With this cushion, she’s even started a little Roth IRA.

So call now to learn more about.... um, I mean...