Invasive "Jumping Worm" May Be On The Move In N.H. | New Hampshire Public Radio

Invasive "Jumping Worm" May Be On The Move In N.H.

Jul 10, 2018

Yup, those worms are actually jumping.
Credit Via Youtube (Link to video in the story)

An invasive earthworm may be on the move in New Hampshire.

The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension is hosting a public seminar later this month about a fast, hungry species called the "jumping worm" that was recently introduced to North America from eastern Asia.

Watch a video the worms here.

Also known as snake worms or crazy worms, they can harm native plants and animals by consuming the upper organic layer of the soil.

That allows invasive species to take the place of native plants, which then affects other species such as ground nesting birds. University of Vermont professor Josef Gorres, who has researched the worm, will deliver the seminar July 26 in Portsmouth. Registration is $10.