How Warm Is This December? The Mount Washington Auto Road Opened For Tours

Dec 26, 2015

It's not quite as warm in New Hampshire in December 2015 as it was in this photo from spring 2013, but it's still pretty mild out there.
Credit Sean Hurley

  Faced with the startling sight of bare pavement on the day after Christmas, the Mount Washington Auto Road is open for guided tours. 

Usually, the road up the northeast's highest peak closes to cars in late October, and the only way to get travel up the mountain in winter is via special all-terrain SnowCoaches.

But because it has been so warm, van tours are being offered to the tree-line - about 4,200 feet - on Saturday.

General manager Howie Wemyss says it's the first time in his 35 years the road has been open this late.

Wemyss says the road will close again Sunday as wintry weather finally visits Mount Washington, home to some of the world's worst weather.