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How North Country Legislators Voted On Education Funding Amendment

Sen. John Gallus, a Republican from Berlin, was among 17 Senators voting in favor of a constitutional amendment – CACR 12- that would have given voters the chance to change the state constitution and give the Legislature more control over public school funding. 

But while eight North Country representatives also voted for it in the House Wednesday the amendment did not have the three-fifths majority needed.

Seven North Country representatives voted against it and one was excused from voting.

The Associated Press reported: “The proposal, which had the backing of legislative leaders and Gov. John Lynch, would have specified that the Legislature has a responsibility to maintain a public education system, as well as full authority over state funding for it.

 “It was the latest attempt to nullify court rulings mandating that the state provide all children with an adequate education.

 “Some opponents said it would allow the state to walk away from education funding, while others feared it would force the state down the road toward higher taxes.”

As NHPR reported: “All but two Senate Republicans favored the amendment; and every Democrat save for Lou D’Allesandro opposed it. The 17-6 margin was pretty much as expected.

 “The House, though, is never that pro-forma, particularly on this issue. And unlike the Senate, where conservatives were game to swallow reservations about an amendment many believe affirm the Claremont rulings even as it gives lawmakers “full power and authority” over education policy, in the House many lawmakers gave full voice to their deepest concerns.”

Here are the North Country representatives who voted in favor of the bill:

* Lyle Bulis (Republican) of Littleton

* Duffy Daugherty (Republican) of Colebrook.

* Stephanie Eaton (Republican) of Littleton

* Edmond Gionet (Republican) of Lincoln.

* Larry Rappaport (Republican) of Colebrook.

* Gregory Sorg (Republican) of Easton.

* John Tholl (Republican) of Whitefield

* Marc Tremblay (Republican) of Berlin

Here are the North Country representatives who voted against the bill:

* Gary Coulombe (Democrat) of Berlin

* William Hatch (Democrat) of Gorham

* Evalyn Merrick (Democrat) of Lancaster

* William Remick (Republican) of Lancaster

* Kathleen Taylor (Democrat) of Franconia

* Robert Theberge (Democrat) of Berlin

* Yvonne Thomas (Democrat) of Berlin

Here is the North Country representative who wwas excused from voting:

* Herb Richardson (Republican) of Lancaster


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