House to Tackle Handful of Bills Aimed at Changing N.H. Election Laws

Mar 8, 2016

The New Hampshire House will have a busy next two days with dozens of bills slated for a vote. A few of these bills focus on the state’s election laws, which have gained steam since last month’s presidential primary and ahead of this fall's general election.

The issue of who should be allowed to vote in New Hampshire has been a matter of conflict for some time but has received more attention after videos released last month claimed to show voter fraud in the state.

Under current law, in order to vote you have to be domiciled here, meaning you consider the state your home but you don’t physically have to reside here or be a resident.

That’s according to a state Supreme Court decision last spring. But lawmakers in the House want to change that and are doing so with a proposed constitutional amendment.

The bill goes before the full House on Wednesday with a positive recommendation from the election law committee but will need a super majority in the House to move on to the Senate.

Another bill, which is likely to pass, requires a 10-day residency requirement to vote.  The governor vetoed a similar measure calling for 30-days last summer.