House Kills Proposed Moratorium On Wind Farms, Transmission Line Projects

Jan 29, 2014

Credit Chris Hunkeler / Flickr Creative Commons

The state’s House of Representatives has voted 194-148 to kill a bill that would have established a moratorium on wind farms and new transmission line projects, including Northern Pass.

This vote fell along party lines, with Democrats largely voting against blocking all projects, and Republicans, like Skip Reilly of Hill arguing that now is the time to wait -- for the state to complete its forthcoming energy plan.

"Remember we are elected by our constituents to serve them, not some power company."

But opponents said halting new projects – even temporarily  – is no way for the state to operate. Bob Backus is a Manchester Democrat.

"I know that many of our citizens are concerned about particular wind projects in certain parts of the state, but this would apply to the entire state of New Hampshire."

The Spanish company Iberdrola  has proposed 23 wind turbines in Danbury and Alexandria. The company already has wind farms in Groton and Lempster.