A Holiday Weekend Includes Protests Against Northern Pass

Sep 1, 2012

In between the picnics and end-of-summer festivities a series of protests against the Northern Pass hydro-electric project were held throughout the state  during the holiday.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports…

Easton was the site of one of a dozen or so protests from Manchester to Colebrook on Saturday.

Just under 100 people gathered on Gingerbread Lane along an existing right-of-way where the Northern Pass towers would cut through the tiny North Country town before heading south to cross the White Mountain National Forest.

Orange – the symbol of protest against Northern Pass – was the color of the day. Even dogs wore orange bandanas.

And there was even a sign in French telling Hydro-Quebec to go away.

Chanting of No Northern Pass.

Protesters said they were worried about issues ranging from a reduction in property value to ruining the scenery  that defines the state.

The event in Colebrook was apparently the largest. It attracted about 200 people, organizers said.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen