Harbor Homes Supports Homeless Vets

Nov 9, 2013

Credit Courtesy of Harbor Homes

When Matt Milbourn, a veteran of the first Persian Gulf War, found himself unexpectedly made homeless,  Harbor Homes was there for him.

In addition to operating a homeless shelter, Harbor Homes also manages a reintegration program, offering services, healthcare, and education to homeless veterans and their families. Matt earned his CphT (Certified Pharmacy Technician) through the program, and now teaches computer education and life skills classes at Harbor Homes.

"The people at Harbor Homes have professional, can-do attitudes, they're not willing to accept defeat, they see the positive on every side of a negative. I figured, what better way to pay back the people who basically saved my life by helping someone else who was in the same position I was."

"It’s a wonderful group of people that have taken on a tremendous task. I thank god every day that these people were there."