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Former Employee's Lawsuit Claims Sexual Assault, Culture Of "Debauchery" At Planet Fitness

Nov 29, 2018

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A Dover resident is suing former employer Planet Fitness alleging she was drugged and raped by a manager. (Scroll down to read the complaint.)

A complaint filed by the plaintiff's attorney says the company was alerted to the alleged attack and that the accused manager has since been fired.

Court documents claim that former employee Casey Willard was subjected to repeated sexual harassment during out-of-state work trips. The suit also alleges a "debaucherous" atmosphere at Planet Fitness Corporate Offices, with the plaintiff goaded into drinking.

It claims Willard sometimes became drunk before the afternoon and that one manager would bring vodka gummy worms to work. The complaint claims several men in senior management also made sexual comments towards female employees.

“This conduct, lack of discipline, and lack of policy enforcement created an atmosphere of intimidation and domination for younger female employees like Ms. Willard,” the complaint reads.

Willard is demanding compensation for lost wages, back pay and other damages.

“We swiftly and thoroughly investigated all concerns Ms. Willard brought to our attention during her employment with the Company and took immediate action, which resulted in the termination of an employee for violation of Company policies,” a Planet Fitness Spokesperson said in a statement. The spokesperson added that Willard voluntarily left Planet Fitness in April 2018 and that the company is “committed to providing a safe environment for all employees.”

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