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In a Field of Eight for CD1, How Can a Democrat Stand Out?

Apr 23, 2018

Race for the 1st: NHPR's series exploring the candidates in New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District.
Credit Sara Plourde

After years of having to choose between the same two candidates, voters in New Hampshire's 1st Congressional district are now faced with a flood of candidates who want to fill retiring Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's seat. 

As of April 23rd, there are eight Democrats and two Republicans in the race. And with the September primary months away, there's always time for more to join. 

This poses an especially unique challenge for the Democratic candidates in this district: How can they stand out in such a crowded field? And to complicate matters further, this slate of Democrats generally agree on big issues like gun control and tax reform. 

So this reporter attended a recent forum at the Portsmouth Public Library to test out this question: how do CD1 Democratic candidates distinguish themselves from one another?

Because, in this setting - they’re all on equal footing -- it doesn’t matter how much money they’ve raised, or how recognizable their face or name is with voters. All that remains is old-fashioned retail politics: All eight candidates, sitting side by side, answering voters questions. So, how does each one try and make an impression? Click below to hear the different strategies each of the candidates are using to try and stand out.