Epsom Puts Full Day Kindergarten Up For Town Vote

Nov 9, 2018

Epsom is one of just a handful of towns in New Hampshire that doesn't have full-day kindergarten. 

But, on Tuesday, the Epsom School Board voted 3-1  to put full-day kindergarten on a warrant article for Town Meeting day in March. 

Carol Zink-Mailloux is part of the Full Day Kindergarten Committee, a group of parents who want to see that become a reality.

She says the group has been pushing for this to get to a town vote for the past year.

"We just really hope we can get everyone out who supports it, and of course they're going to come out if they don't support it as well," she said.

Mailloux estimates full-day kindergarten would cost around $140,000 for a new teacher and aide.

Allison Scheiderer is on the Epsom School Board. She said she hears a lot of parents are excited, but others are hesitant about adding something to the town budget.

“People are always concerned about the possibility of their property taxes going up,” Scheiderer said.

The Full Day Kindergarten committee will hold informational sessions, send mailers and maybe do some door-knocking up until Town Meeting day in March.