In Depth: COVID-19 and Long-term Care in N.H.

May 21, 2020

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We wrap up our In-Depth series on COVID-19 and health care with:a look at long-term care. The coronavirus has taken an especially high toll on residents and staff at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This week, state officials announced 51 cases in a single facility. We explore why these outbreaks are occurring and what’s being done about it.

Air date: May 22, 2020


Susan Buxton -  N.H. long-term care ombudsman.  You can call the ombudsman regarding long-term care issues at  603-271-4375 or 800-442-5640. 

Casey McDermottNHPR reporter covering politics and policy, with a focus on data and accountability reporting. 

Jason Moon -  NHPR's health reporter and host of the award-winning investigative podcast Bear Brook

Melissa St. Cyr - Chief Legal Counsel for the New Hampshire Dept. of Health and Human Services.