Democratic Budget Writers Seem Leery Of Sununu's Call To Eliminate Education Trust Fund

Feb 25, 2019

Rep. Mary Heath (D-Manchester) listens as Sununu Legal Counsel John Formella explains the Governor's thinking on eliminating the education trust fund.
Credit josh rogers / nhpr

Lawmakers have yet to get the complete text of governor Chris Sununu's budget, but they’re already challenging some of the policy decisions Sununu made in his spending plan - including ending the practice of paying for school aid out of the education trust fund.

That fund was created as part of a broader change in how the state pays for public schools in response to Supreme Court rulings.

Under questioning from lawmakers, Sununu legal counsel John Formella, said Sununu's push to pay school aid out of the general fund makes more sense, but he understand why lawmakers might want to leave things as they are.

"It is going to be a difficult sell, but if it turns out that we just can’t get people comfortable, then that might be where we are, but we think it’s worth it to try."

Sununu is proposing taking the money now in the trust fund - some $63 million - and redirecting it towards school building projects.