Coos Commissioner Judd Loses Recount

Sep 17, 2012

During last week’s primary Coos County Commissioner Bing Judd lost his bid for re-election by five votes.

Today (Monday) there was a recount in Concord.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen has the results.

Bing Judd, who has been a Coos County Commissioner since 1997, has lost that position.

In a recount today in Concord Judd lost by seven votes.

599 to 592.

Originally Judd lost by five votes, prompting him to ask for the recount.

Judd is from Pittsburg – where he lost to Samson.

Samson from Stewartstown.

Both are Republicans but since there is no Democratic challenger starting in January the seat will belong to Samson.

There are three county commissioners and Judd was appointed a commissioner in 1997 by a Superior Court judge.

Since then he’s become one of the most powerful politicians in the North Country.

Until Samson came along Judd hadn’t been challenged for more than a decade.

A major difference between Judd and Samson has been Northern Pass.

Samson has worked against the hydro-electric project.

Judd has said he sees good things and bad things about the project.

Samson also contended Judd doesn’t listen to his constituents before making decisions, something Judd strongly denies.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen