The Cheshire Murders: The Crime That Rocked A Small Town

Jul 18, 2013

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In July of 2007, the sleepy suburban town of Cheshire, Connecticut woke up to a house set ablaze, three fatalities, one survivor, and two suspects caught fleeing the scene.  What had started as a home invasion and robbery had ended in rape, arson, and a triple homicide.  A new full-length documentary debuting on Monday, July 22nd on HBO explores how the Cheshire murders scarred the town, terrorized the survivors, and sparked public debate in a state poised to abolish capital punishment.  Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, who together produced and directed The Cheshire Murders, joined us to discuss their film.

The HBO documentary film, The Cheshire Murders debuts Monday, July 22nd on HBO. Please be advised –the following interview concerns a crime of a violent nature, and may feature descriptions that may be innappropriate for sensitive or younger listeners.