Campaign Promises, N.H. Manufacturing Jobs & the 21st-Century Workforce

Aug 17, 2016

Both major candidates have promised to revive manufacturing jobs.  We look at the root causes of its decline, including imports and automation.  We explore what it would take to renew this sector, both in the U.S. and in New Hampshire, and identify the challenges in creating manufacturing jobs here in the state. Dean Spiliotes is guest host.

 A note to listeners: This show contains a comment that some listeners found offensive. 


  • Andrew McGill - senior associate editor at The Atlantic.
  • John Olson - President and CEO of Whelen Engineering in Charlestown.
  • Jim Roche - President of the N.H. Business and Industry Association.
  • Bob Sanders -  reporter at New Hampshire Business Review.

Check out this interactive graphic map on the parts of America most affected by China's rise.