Balsams Targets June 1, 2016 To Start Construction

Nov 18, 2015

Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

The developers of the Balsams Resort told Coos County officials Tuesday night they hope to begin construction and renovation of the buildings on June 1st of next year.

That raises the possibility at least part of the now-closed resort could be open by the end of 2016 or early in 2017.

However, a spokesman for the developer said some other work may start earlier.

The news came during a meeting between the developers and the Coos County Planning Board to try and work out details of a long-range, multi-year concept plan.

After about four and one-half hours work Tuesday night the board adjourned, planning to continue next Monday.

The planning board could approve the plan at a December 2nd meeting.

However, before construction can begin the board must still okay a detailed site plan, which it has yet to receive.

Previously the developers, Dixville Capital, said they hoped to begin construction this year.

The resort closed in 2011, laying off about 300 full and part-time workers.