The Balance: What Does It Cost To Live In New Hampshire, And Why?

Jan 19, 2018

Starting this week, NHPR's newsroom kicks off The Balance, a series of stories looking at the cost of living in New Hampshire, and the benefits and tradeoffs of settling down in the Granite State. 

The first stories in the series will take us on board a fishing boat in Rye, into small businesses in downtown Littleton, and onto the work site of a massive new housing development in Londonderry.

We want to hear from you. What cost of living challenges - and opportunities - do you face in your corner of New Hampshire? Do you have questions about why things cost what they do here, whether it's worth it to pay the price, and what could make things better?

We hope you'll contribute to the series. Please submit your questions on the form at the bottom of this story, and one of our reporters may get in touch!

Here are just a few of the questions and comments we've received so far:

"How can any New Hampshire business thrive if employees are unable to find affordable housing?"

"50 years ago neighbors had a cottage on the lake. Lakefront prices rose, taxes rose, they had to sell to folks who built a mega-mansion."

"By far the biggest cost for my family is childcare. We spend $27,560 per year on child care for two kids."

"These may be minor questions, but I’ve lived in New York where most things (including taxes) cost more. Why do car washes and mani/pedis cost 4x more (in New Hampshire)?"

"I commute from Plymouth to Hanover because I can't afford housing in W. Grafton County. Why does it cost so much to buy a house there?"

"How much of an impact does a town's zoning regulations have on the cost of living?"

"My property tax is $48,000 a year. How can anyone afford that? No wonder housing is so expensive. Is that a sustainable way to fund NH?"

Submit your question for the series here: