Back in N.H., Sanders Campaigns on 'Trend-Setting' Record in Politics

May 27, 2019

Credit Jason Moon / NHPR

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned across New Hampshire this week, with three events scheduled on Memorial Day and three more for Tuesday.

During a stop in Warner, Sanders told a crowd that many of the unpopular positions he's taken in the past now have widespread support -- including his votes against the war in Iraq.

Now, as tensions with Iran mount, Sanders accused the current president of failing to learn from history.

“Trump and people in his administration apparently have learned nothing from that horrific war in Iraq,” said Sanders.

Sanders also reaffirmed his support for Roe v. Wade in the wake of anti-abortion legislation passed in some states.

“I believe that in the United States of America, it is the women of this country who have the right to control their own bodies, not politicians,” said Sanders.

Several voters who attended the event remarked on the 77-year-old's consistency on the issues.

“It's his record, he's not inventing anything,” said Daniel Delcaro of Warner, who backed Sanders in his last run for president, “he's been saying the same thing for thirty-plus years. I'm not taking a gamble, I know what I've got in Bernie.”

Sanders himself leans into this idea in his speech. He argued that on issues like Medicare-for-all, a higher minimum wage, and climate change, the rest of the political world is still catching up to ideas he's had all along.

Sanders has events in Concord, Londonderry, and Manchester scheduled for Tuesday.