The Art of Debate...In High School

Oct 3, 2012

Tonight the country will get a chance to witness a quadrennial spectacle, the first of three presidential debates. There are many examples of debates that have shifted, even defined Presidential campaigns, sometimes, just because of a memorable turn of phrase.

John Kerry was a member of the St. Paul's Debate Team way back when.
Credit Photo from St. Paul's School website

Here to give some fresh perspective on Debate Watch 2012 is someone who might be coaching a future generation of Presidential contenders...literally. Laura Rochette is a Humanities Instructor at the prestigious St. Paul's School here in Concord, and co-advisor of that school's debate team, which counts among its alums former candidate and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

Great debate moments in history, courtesy of The New York Times:

Wanna see some champion level high school debaters in action? Sure you do: