Ahead of Hurricane Jose, N.H. Measures Its Beaches

Sep 19, 2017

Volunteers Mike Stockdale and Sherri Townsend measure the beaches elevation in 3 meter increments ahead of Hurricane Jose.
Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

Volunteers with the New Hampshire Beach Monitoring program are taking measurements of the state's beaches ahead of Hurricane Jose.

As volunteer Sherri Townsend explains, scientists want to know how the storm will impact the topography of the beach.

"We're just measuring if there's any changes in where the berm is, and how high the berm is, and the slope of the berm -- which is the high point, when the storm surge comes up."

The Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will compare the data gathered this afternoon against measurements taken after the storm to better understand how storms affect coastal erosion.

Meteorologists are warning Jose could bring dangerous rip tides to the New Hampshire coastline. They are expecting tides to rise between 5 and 9 feet during the storm and recommend people stay away from the coast.