ACLU: U.S. Reneged on Promise of Citizenship for Littleton Resident Who Served in Army

Feb 1, 2019

A Littleton resident who served in the U.S. Army for two years says he is being denied citizenship after it was promised to him.


After studying in America and receiving a dental degree, Indian national Hiren Korat was recruited by the U.S. military.


This was under a program called Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI, which fast-tracks citizenship for immigrant service members who have skills the military needs.


But even after serving, Korat has been denied naturalization proceedings, in part based on a background check that found he had "foreign ties" among other stated risks.


Henry R. Klementowicz is a lawyer with the ACLU of New Hampshire, which filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government this week.


"Part of the delay is that they think he could be a security risk because he's talked on the phone with his mother,” Klementowicz said. “Of course, talking on the phone with your mother is what makes you a diligent child and that's all that that is."


Klementowicz said his client remains in limbo while he continues to apply for work authorization status.


"You know, the government made a promise and our client's been serving in the military for years of his new adopted country,” Klementowicz said. “And in exchange he was promised citizenship and he's not even getting consideration of that."