2.22.15: Red Carpet Revolt, The Wommies, & Miranda July | New Hampshire Public Radio

2.22.15: Red Carpet Revolt, The Wommies, & Miranda July

Feb 20, 2015

Credit Kevo Thomson via flickr Creative Commons / flic.kr/p/2kheg

We may not know who will bring home Oscars tonight, but two things are certain: a-list actresses will walk the red carpet, and they will be asked the standard question: “Who are you wearing?”

On today’s show, why some Hollywood actresses are bucking against the red carpet parade.

Then, Selma, Gone Girl, and Interstellar are among this year’s Oscar snubs. We’ll approach the academy’s cold-shoulder from a different angle, and reveal entire categories notably absent from the awards.

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Red Carpet Revolt


The First Annual Wommies

  • We asked Amy Diaz, movie reviewer and editor of The Hippo, to join us for what we’re calling the “Wommies” – an unauthorized celebration of achievements that go un-celebrated at the Oscars.
  • Head over to this link to see the nominees and the winners.


Miranda July


Still Life With Shovel

  • As New England continues to dig out from storms Juno and Neptune, the mounds of snow remind residents of storms past. Sean Hurley brings us this story.
  • You can read more on Sean's story and listen to it again at this link.