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Former State Senator's Domestic Violence Case Gets New Venue

Josh Rogers / NHPR

The domestic violence case against Jeff Woodburn, the former Democratic leader of the state Senate, is moving to Superior Court.

The latest order indicates the investigation into Woodburn may have started after a tip from a fellow lawmaker.

The lawyer for Jeff Woodburn's alleged victim says Woodburn's defense has pushed the idea that her client went to the police out of revenge over the failure of their relationship.

Attorney Patricia LaFrance says she'd argued that's not the case in court and in pleadings.

"My client was actually contacted by the Attorney General's office to see if she would come in. My understanding is that they had already become aware of it, from persons in the legislature."

LaFrance couldn't say who that person or persons may have been.

The order by Judge Thomas Rappa says LaFrance should, for now, refrain from filing more pleadings in the case, and says that her role is to represent her client’s interest in her dealings with prosecutors.

Rappa's ruling says he will review records of counseling sessions involving Woodburn and the victim in private before he decides what will be allowed in at trial.

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