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Felons One Step Away from Being Allowed to Serve Alcohol in N.H.

Paige Sutherland/NHPR
Keith Murphy, who owns Murphy's Taproom in Manchester, says requiring a waiver from the liqour commission to hire a former felon as a server or bartender is an archaic and unfair law.

A bill that would remove the requirement that felons get a waiver in order to serve alcohol in the state is headed to the Governor’s desk.
Currently, New Hampshire law forbids anyone with a felony on their record from working as a bartender or server without getting the state Liquor Commission's approval.

Republican Senator Andy Sanborn of Bedford says this is an unnecessary step that makes it more difficult for ex-inmates to re-enter the workforce.

“We provide job training in the prison system for the service industry yet through this provision the state makes it more difficult for former felons to provide work in this given field," Sanborn said Thursday on the Senate floor.

A similar measure fell flat in the Senate last legislative session.

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