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Van Ostern Emphasizes Role of Women, Families in Workforce Development

Jason Moon for NHPR

Democratic candidate Colin Van Ostern says as governor, he would invest in job training programs to strengthen the state’s workforce.

Speaking with representatives from the state’s community college system and healthcare employers, Colin Van Ostern stressed the need for more certificate and associate degree programs to help address the state’s labor shortage in key areas like nursing.

“Part of what a governor does is decide, for the state, what are some of the priorities we need to tackle," said Van Ostern. "For me, strengthening our workforce is at the very top of that list. And particularly making sure we do more to help more women and families be able to fully participate in the economy is one of the best ways we can achieve that goal.”

Van Ostern proposed using unspent public welfare money to pay for more job training programs in the state.

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