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Fund Drive FAQs

How can I listen to the pledge-free stream?

Sustainers and Leadership Circle members have access to NHPR’s pledge free stream.

If we have your email address, we’ll send you an email a couple of days prior to the drive that includes information and a password that allows you to access the pledge free stream.

If we don’t have your email address, share it with us at

Also, if you are not currently a sustainer or Leadership Circle member, join now and you’ll automatically receive access and password information.

Access the Pledge Free Stream FAQs.

What’s up with the on-air fund drives?

On-air fund drives are one of the most effective ways to raise money for the station and to gauge the quality of our service. We know that NHPR reaches nearly 200,000 weekly listeners through our broadcast from 12 sites across the Granite State. However, we don’t know who many of those people are, or whether they like what we do. There’s no better way to reach our audience and ask for support and feedback than an on-air drive.

Why should I become a Sustaining Member?

When you become a sustaining member, it means less work for both of us.

  • NHPR Sustainers are automatically entered into the regular drawings held during Fund Drives (excluding the annual Summer Raffle).
  • Sustainers receive special emails with updates about exclusive Sustainer benefits, ticket offers, station news and special programming. 
  • Sustainers receive less mail from NHPR, and no renewal notices, which means less processing expenses for NHPR, too!
  • As a Sustainer, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that all of the news, information, entertainment and educational programs that you listen to each and every day are made possible with your ongoing, Sustaining support.

What levels do you accept for Sustaining Memberships?

You can become an NHPR Sustainer for as little as $5 per month.

Are Sustaining Members automatically entered into the regular drawings?

NHPR Sustaining Members are entered into the regular on-air fund drive drawings excluding the annual Summer Raffle.

How does Sustaining Membership impact on air fundraising?

As more of our donors become Sustaining Members, we will need less on-air fundraising to secure renewal of memberships every year. We will always need to do some on air fundraising to reach new listeners and to speak to listeners who have never given, but our hope is to drastically reduce on-air fundraising over time as our Sustainer program grows.

How many on-air fund drives does NHPR have each year?

We typically hold on-air drives in the fall and spring, and shorter, “mini-drives” in December and June. Our traditional Summer Raffle takes place in July.

Why don’t you have a short fund drive?

We know you appreciate the short fund drives. However, the thing about short fund drives is that we hear from so few new donors, and we need new donors in order to continue to provide the news and information you depend on. Our research and data show that new donors tend to contribute at the end of longer fund drives. If you’re reading this and you’ve never contributed to NHPR before, we want to hear from you. Please make a gift!

Why do you repeat the same thing over and over?

If you’ve heard the same messages again and again, chances are you’re a pretty loyal listener. Keep in mind that the average listener only hears 6.8 hours of NHPR each week, so to them, the repeats are not quite so obvious.

Why do you talk about giving $1,000 or more?  I can’t afford that!

That’s okay! We appreciate any amount you can give.

However, some listeners have decided that when they look at the value they receive from other monthly payments, like television or data plans, a $100 dollar per month gift to NHPR is totally worth it for the extraordinary value they receive.

That’s the beauty of public radio…you put a dollar value on your listening, and then you get to choose to give. At any level, it’s a pretty great deal.

Is my donation tax deductible?


However, when you purchase a chance in the Summer Raffle, your gift goes to support the station, but it is not tax deductible.

You make NHPR possible.

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Give today. A monthly donation of $5 makes a real difference.