Pledge-Free Stream FAQs

Do you want to listen to NHPR during the fund drive without the actual fund drive? Make a sustaining gift now and you'll be eligible to listen to our pledge-free stream!

Are you already a sustainer and have questions about how the stream works? Read our FAQ right here.

What is the pledge-free stream?

The NHPR pledge-free stream is an online stream that provides NHPR news & programs uninterrupted by fundraising breaks. It is active during the on-air portion of regular fund drives. It is not active during our annual Summer Car Raffle.

Who’s eligible?

The pledge-free stream is a benefit offered to all active NHPR sustaining and Leadership Circle members with email addresses on file. Want to make a gift and get access? Click here.

How do I listen to the pledge-free stream?

The pledge-free stream is available by going to It works in any modern browser, on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. You can’t access through NHPR’s iPhone & Android apps.

How do I get access?

If you’re already a current sustaining or Leadership Circle member, you will receive a welcome email a day or two before the on-air drive begins. The email will include your username and a unique link to set up your password. If you don’t receive an email, that means that NHPR most likely does NOT have an up-to-date email address for you.

When you become a new sustainer during a fund drive, you can request access to the pledge-free stream by filling out the form here. You will also get a link to this form in your acknowledgement email. It may take up to 24 hours for you to receive access to the stream.

I’m a sustaining/LC member, why didn’t I receive an email?

If you don’t receive your welcome email, first check your junk or spam folder. To prevent this in the future, you can add to your email whitelist or contacts.

Other reasons you may not have received your welcome email are that NHPR may not have an up-to-date email for you or you may have opted out of email communications from NHPR in the past. If you suspect that is the case, please contact our membership department at to update your record.

I make a joint donation with my spouse/partner/family member. Can we both listen?

You can! If only one of you receives a welcome email, it is likely we do not have email addresses for both of you. Contact us at with that person’s name and email address. We’ll use that email address to create a second username for you.  That person will then receive a welcome email from us and will be able to access the pledge free stream.

I forgot my password. Can you give me a new one?

For security reasons, NHPR does not have the ability to see or reset your password. You can do that here.

How is the pledge-free stream possible?

In addition to our regular broadcast, NHPR is creating and providing a second broadcast that is heard online only. This “stream” requires additional staff time, studios, equipment, and programming. Yes, this does cost money.

One of the reasons we are able to offer the pledge-free stream is that half of NHPR’s members have chosen to make their gifts on a sustaining, monthly basis, which helps NHPR defray administrative & mailing costs.



My login information from the last drive isn’t working.

It won’t. While your username will always be your email address, all in lowercase, you will need to follow the link in the welcome email you receive before each drive and create a new password.

My stream is choppy/drops the feed/stops when my device falls asleep.

This is likely because your device is low on resources and having some trouble buffering the audio. Restarting your device should do the trick. Closing out other apps will also help. Also, make sure your Internet connection is strong (WiFi is the best).

Are you a Samsung user? Your stream might be disconnecting when your device goes to sleep. Adjust your settings to increase your screen's sleep timer.

We recommend plugging in to a car or wall charger, if you can, while listening.

The page loads, but the player does not.

Try a different browser or update your current one. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera are all secure, modern browsers we suggest. Also, when directed to, update any media plug-ins at the same time you update your browser.

Are you using an Apple device? Turn off private browsing in Settings.

I’m having trouble logging in.

Make sure you're entering your username and password correctly - both are case-sensitive.

While you can listen on any internet-enabled device, you can only be logged in on one device at a time. You will have to logout before switching devices. To do so, click "Logout" at the top right corner of the player window.

The player appears to be playing, but I’m not hearing anything.

Check your speakers & volume settings - they might just be on mute. (Happens to the best of us!)

Anything Else?

If you don't see a solution to your issue above, or need any other help with the pledge-free stream contact us at We will respond within 24 hours.