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North Country

Federal Grants To Help North Country Firms

A new federal grant is going to be helping small businesses in the North Country. NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

About $400,000 is now available in grants under a federal program aimed at helping  small businesses in Grafton, Coos and Carroll Counties.

Molly White is with the Northern Community Investment Corporation in Lancaster. It is administering the funds.

“Typically I find that most business owners know their type of business or the industry they are in very well but they have trouble with the other types of support services such as marketing or web design.”

That’s where the grants come in. The money can be used to hire expert help.

That includes marketing, engineering, finance and accounting, education, training and website development.

One of the first grants is going to Bill Rutherford. He owns Northwoods Manufacturing and the Northwoods Home Store in Lancaster.

It specializes in custom cabinets and has about 10 employees.

“We plan to use the money for search-engine optimization which will ultimately drive more traffic to the webstore resulting in more sales.”

Under the program Rutherford is paying about $800 and getting a $1,600 grant.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen

For additional information about the grants:

Northern Community Investment Corporation: http://www.ncic.org/