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0000017a-15d9-d736-a57f-17ff8c780000More than half of all Americans own a smartphone. The explosion of this technology over the past few years has created a rapidly growing job sector in designing and developing smartphone apps. NHPR’s Amanda Loder looks at how this industry is growing and changing in New Hampshire: she introduces us to the world of mobile app development, introduces us to some Granite Staters who are gambling on startup success and the challenges they face, and talks with professors and students about how they see themselves fitting into the mobile app economy._____________________________________________0000017a-15d9-d736-a57f-17ff8c790003Series made possible with support from the Southern New Hampshire University School of Business, emphasizing applications of theory and knowledge in the real world.

Apps You Should Download If You Live In New Hampshire

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This week, NHPR's Amanda Loder is reporting a series of stories on New Hampshire's emerging app development economy. (What's that, you ask? Check out our app explainer here.)

Mean time, I make it a habit to peruse the app store, reviews and reddit for the latest and greatest finds. Living in New Hampshire, my list of current favorites is a bit tailored to our geography and way of life.

So, here it is...a few recommendations (with lots of help from r/newhampshire) of apps everyone in the state should download:

Moose_Sightings by Big Fresh. Are you a moose-aholic? If so, this is the app for you! At least, that's how this moose photo aggregation site touts itself. But if you snap a great moose shot along a New Hampshire roadside or on a hike, Moose_Sightings allows you to upload your pic to a growing web gallery of all things moose, and that's pretty cool. 

One note, this one was NOT a hit on the New Hampshire reddit, where one commenter pointed out that ogling moose on the sides of highways is a cause of many near-accidents. 

On the Snow. This ski and snow report app from onthesnow.com allows you to set up your preferences by location or create a custom list of your favorite mountains. You can look up the latest snow reports, up-to-date trail maps, and get customizable alerts when the areas you choose get fresh snow. (What's especially cool is that YOU choose the amount of inches to trigger the alert.)

Best of all, the app includes most of New Hampshire's tiny local resorts in addition to the bigger ones. What's missing, you ask? Only one thing...Manchester's li'l gem McIntyre.

WMUR. It may seem a little weird to tout the app of another N.H. news site, but there's no better and faster way to get a bunch of up-to-the-minute local info, especially winter school closings. Other great features include the app's built-in weather module, which boasts a snazzy live radar map. 

New Hampshire 4000 Footers by Primordial Android. This app, suggested by a redditor who goes by darthjoe299, is a must-have for hiking enthusiasts. It includes maps, logs, a peak list, and select hikes. One downer? It's not available for Apple devices. 

Cremation Society of New Hampshire. I'm very worried about this app, because when I clicked it open today, I got a pop-up saying it's not currently being maintained. I'm hoping that's not permanent because this app is awesome.

Yes, the CSNH contains a lot of information and FAQs about cremation, and yes, you might think it's not something you'd use every day. But the app also has some very cool features, like a button pointing to benefits for veterans, a button to push if a "Death Has Occured," and the very best feature, a built-in RSS feed of obituaries from around the state. With newspapers shrinking, an app like this could be the future of obituary reading. And if that's a section of the paper you usually skip, you don't know what you're missing. 

PolitifactApps. We're not all about mountains and moose in New Hampshire. We've also got plenty of pants-on-fire politics. Politifact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism unit, has a pair of fun apps for political junkies looking to get to the truth, PolitiFact Mobile and Settle It! Politifact's Argument Ender. While the mobile version of Politifact gives you a comprehensive, vetted look at the truths and lies politicians tell, the latter is a great tool when debating politics at your local pub, and includes a weekly truth-telling quiz game. 

Inviting, right?

NHPR. Duh. You can access all your favorite local and national content through our app, as well as find MemberCard deals that are close to you. Enough said. NHPR is awesome.

StarMap 3D+. Android has plenty of great apps for gazing at the sky, but I wanted to give a shout out to this incredible app for iPhone and iPad. It's not free, but at $2.99, you've basically got a portable star atlas in your pocket. It's easy to us for both kids and adults, and lets you get a full picture of what's above and around you, even if you're sitting in your cube at work. 

Do you have your own app suggestions to beef up this list? Email me and let me know. Send me a link to the app, and tell me a little bit about why New Hampshire would love it.

Rebecca oversees the team that makes NHPR podcasts, including Outside/In and Civics 101. She has previously served as NHPR's Director of Audience & Engagement, Digital Director, and Senior Producer for Word of Mouth.
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