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Top Stories: A Grand House Cleaning, Concord Nonprofit Banking on Trailer Parks

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Chris Jensen for NHPR

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on nhpr.org and StateImpact - NH website.

  1.  North Country: The Balsams: A Grand House Cleaning By Auction   The new owners of the Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville Notch are planning a huge renovation. But before that can happen there is a lot of stuff they need to get rid of from a ski lift to pots and pans and that means an auction.
  2. NH News: Concord Nonprofit Banking on Trailer Parks   When you hear ‘trailer park’ lots of people often think tornadoes, or…trailer trash.
  3. Word of Mouth: Where the tech of the future is born...   The lab has produced the tech behind myriad high-tech gadgets, programming languages for children, and even laid the groundwork for popular video games and Lego robots. Usually, the lab’s ambitious projects are developed behind closed doors, but last week, at its Inside Out conference, it shed some light on what researchers have been working on.
  4. The Exchange: Reinventing Learning   Education consultant Fred Bramante has long asked the question, ‘What if you could remove time and space pressures from the process of teaching?' It's an idea that has caught on in certain circles and would eliminate the confines of classrooms, school periods and calendar years, replacing them with a personalized competency-based approach. But not everyone is on board.
  5. NH News: Hybrid Car Races are a Bridge from Student to Carmakers    Some of the world’s top engineering students converge at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway to race hybrid cars. The cars are student designed and built, and for some of those students, a good showing at Loudon is a ticket to ride.
  6. The Exchange: Using Water Well   Last year, the Governor’s Water Sustainability Commission formed. Their task: to ensure the quantity and quality of our state’s water is as good or better in the next quarter century.
  7. NH News: Turkey Season Opens, Thanks to Turkey Restoration Project   Every year around 20,000 New Englanders sign up to hunt turkeys in New Hampshire, which is a surprising fact when you consider that for much of the last 100 years there were no turkeys in New Hampshire.
  8. Word of Mouth: You asked for it...   We asked listeners to suggest songs for us to “Blankenship,” our new term for reading song lyrics as poetry. Here’s the best one we came up with.
  9. North Country: North Country Firm Fined $192,000 Over Pollution Concern   Munce’s Superior Petroleum Products of Gorham is being ordered to pay a fine of $192,000 for failing to comply with a court order aimed at preventing oil pollution of the Androscoggin River.
  10. NH News: Curriculum Comes Under Scrutiny   Students from Bedford High School packed a Senate hearing to show their support for the International Baccalaureate program.

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