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AG Names Compliance Overseer For St. Paul's School Settlement


The New Hampshire Attorney General's office has picked Keene State College's director of campus safety to oversee St. Paul's school's compliance with the settlement it reached with the state over its handling of sexual misconduct by faculty and students. 

Jeffrey T. Maher holds a law degree, and spent 20 years working for the Nashua Police Department, retiring as a Captain.

Deputy Attorney General Jane Young says starting Feb. 9, Maher will be at St. Paul's School, and reporting back to prosecutors for at least three years and possibly as long as five.

"He will be embedded in the school and will be there as a full-time person. He will not be living on the campus, so he will not be part of the campus community. He will be an independent overseer to ensure that the school complies with all aspects of the settlement agreement."

In a letter addressed to the St. Paul's community, the school's Interim Rector and Board of Trustees President welcomed Maher, predicting he'll bring "additional, useful perspective" to the school's efforts to ensure a safe community.

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