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NH News

N.H. Senate Approves Marsy's Law Amendment by Wide Margin

Jason Moon for NHPR

The New Hampshire senate has approved a constitutional amendment designed to give victims more rights in the criminal justice system.

The amendment, known as Marsy’s Law, would give crime victims a larger voice in court proceedings.

Among other things, it would give victims the constitutional right to be notified of any change in the status of their offender, the right to confer with the prosecutor, and the right to protection from the accused.

Republican Senator Sharon Carson is the amendment’s prime sponsor.

“At its core, this amendment will simply give victims a voice and a seat at the table.”

Opponents argue it could have unintended consequences or interfere with due process for defendants.

To become part of the constitution, the amendment will need the support of 3/5ths of the House of Representatives, as well as 2/3rds of voters on election day.

The campaign for Marsy’s Law in New Hampshire is part of a national effort that is active in about a dozen other states right now.

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