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Massachusetts Trooper Accused of Beating Man Says He Was Trying to Cuff Suspect


  A Massachusetts state trooper accused of beating a suspect has testified that he was concerned about getting a non-compliant man under control and into handcuffs.

Prosecutors allege 33-year-old Joseph Flynn punched Richard Simone Jr., who was kneeling in Nashua following a two-state, 50-mile police pursuit in May 2016. Closing arguments in his trial were scheduled Wednesday.

Flynn said Tuesday he was assisting other officers in subduing Simone and threw "submission blows." He said he didn't see a weapon, but said Simone's body language was very concerning and didn't appear to stop resisting or show his hands.

Flynn pleaded not guilty to simple assault charges and has been free on bail and on administrative leave. A New Hampshire state trooper had pleaded guilty to assault charges and is no longer working in law enforcement.


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