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Veteran Homelessness Drops In New Hampshire

Todd Bookman

  The number of homeless veterans in New Hampshire has fallen, according to new federal data. 

The report is based on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's annual estimate of the homeless population.

This year's count found 123 homeless veterans in New Hampshire, down from 138 last year.

Maureen Ryan, director of the state's Office of Human Services, says the vast majority of these veterans are in shelters, and that government agencies and nonprofits have coordinated efforts and resources over the last few years so that fewer veterans are left without any shelter.

"For those that are willing to work with the VA, we're able to get them connected very quickly," she says. "For those who aren't willing to work with the VA, we have outreach workers and shelter staff that have learned more about how to help these folks get connected to services and benefits as well."

Nationally, the report finds a 56 percent decrease in veteran homelessness.

That includes a drop in every state in New England.

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