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Ryan Libbey, a former patient at Lakeview. His mother Jennifer Cote gave NHPR permission to publish photos of her son's injuries.This series was the basis for a collaborative investigation by NHPR and Reveal, a new investigative public radio program and podcast produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting, a nonprofit newsroom based in California, and PRX. Click here to read the investigation and listen to the documentary, "A Mountain of Misconduct."0000017a-15d9-d736-a57f-17ff8db50000In September 2014, Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center in Effingham, N.H. came under scrutiny for abusing and neglecting some of the people it cares for – children and adults with brain injuries and developmental disabilities.NHPR has been looking into these accusations, and it turns out the state had warning signs about series problems at this facility going back to the early 1990s. In this special series and continuing coverage, reporter Jack Rodolico examines the scope of the problems and the state's role in Lakeview's story.

Reporter's Notebook: Lakeview Source Documents

Following are many of the source documents and related media used in NHPR's reporting on the Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center in Effingham, N.H. 

Visit our Flickr album to see photos of Jennifer Cote and her son Ryan Libbey taken by Greta Rybus for NHPR.

Documents & Reports

In January, state inspectors watched as a Lakeview staffer punched a teenaged boy with autism in the face.  This is the statement of findings issued by the Bureau of Licensing & Certification after investigating the complaint that followed the incident:

Face-Punching Complaint Investigation - Bureau of Licensing Statement of Findings

Kathryn du Pree spent the last several months combing through confidential records and interviewing current and former staff from both the state and Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center. Du Pree was hired by Governor Maggie Hassan's office to investigate Lakeview, the state’s oversight of the facility, and where that oversight has fallen short in the past.

The following documents are the two reports she generated:

Final Lakeview Report: Quality and Capacity

Final Lakeview Report: The State's Oversight

Documents Relating to Ryan Libbey:

Spring Harbor Hospital report on Ryan Libbey's injuries after his mother, Jennifer Cote, removed him from Lakeview:

7-26-11 Ryan Libbey Hospital Report

7-26-11 Ryan Libbey Police Report

12-21-11 Ryan Libbey Police Interview With Lakeview

Documents Generated by the Disability Rights Center, a Concord-based Advocacy Organization:

Disability Rights Center report on the death of Lakeview resident 'J.D.'

Disability Rights Center's 2014 report detailing conditions at Lakeview:

Document produced by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration:

OSHA Citation against Lakeview 4/24/2013

New York State Documents:

1-21-14 Letter From NY Justice Center to Lakeview

2-19-14 Response From Lakeview to NY Justice Center

2-25-14 Response From NY Justice Center to Lakeview

11-3-14 Letter From NY Justice Center to Lakeview

11-17-14 Letter From NY State Education Dept. to Lakeview

12-30-14 Letter From NY Justice Center to Lakeview

DHHS Review of Lakeview Dec 2014

DHHS Approved Plan of Correction for Lakeview

N.H. Dept of Education Special Monitoring Findings of Noncompliance 11/14/2014

N.H. DOE Letter on Findings of Noncompliance 1/7/2015

N.H. DOE Letter on Findings of Noncompliance 1/26/2015

Licensing Unit Complaint Investigation Report Based on 10/14/2014 Visit

Licensing Unit Complaint Investigation Report Based on 1/8/2015 Visit

Licensing Unit Clinical Inspection Report on Medication Misdose Based on 1/28/2015 Visit

Licensing Unit Report: Results of Annual Licensing Inspection 12/21 and 12/22, 2010

Licensing Bureau Notice to Correct Based on 4/30/2014 Visit

Maine Documents

Letter From Disability Rights Center to Maine DHHS About Lakeview Dated 12/10/2014

Maine DHHS Letter to Maine DRC Re Lakeview Dated 12/31/2014

Letter of noncompliance from N.H. DOE to Lakeview: 03-11-15

Before joining NHPR in August 2014, Jack was a freelance writer and radio reporter. His work aired on NPR, BBC, Marketplace and 99% Invisible, and he wrote for the Christian Science Monitor and Northern Woodlands.
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